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What is a Push Notification

Push notification is a Google technology that allows websites to notify their users of various news through a short text message with a picture and a link.

That message shows up on the screen of a mobile device instantly attracting the user's attention.

To receive such notifications, the user should enable them by subscribing to one of our partner websites, thus being added to the subscribers' list to which the newsletters are sent.

Advertising through push notifications is an excellent way for promotion, which allows to quickly increase the user's awareness of your products and services, and, as a result, to attract new clients.

We will create turnkey ad campaigns according
to your needs.

Brand promotion through:
  • Promotional offers
  • News
  • Consumer surveys

Any challenge is within our grasp!

Development of a right strategy

Development of a right strategy

At this stage, our experts will solve issues related to setting goals, choosing the right strategies and developing the best tactics based on your needs and budget.

Set-up of promotional campaigns

Setting up advertising campaigns

According to the chosen strategy our specialists will set up all targeted ad campaigns within few hours. After that, you can send your push notifications anytime you want!

Web design for current tasks

Web design for current tasks

In case you do not have a landing page or another page is needed for your promotion, we will create a landing or a pre-landing page based on your request.

Monitoring and analysis of statistical data

Monitoring and analysis of statistical data

We will closely monitor the statistics and carefully analyze that data, turn off/ pause ineffective campaigns, and, if necessary, add new ones.

We have a referral program (3%) and bonuses on large budgets!

For a visual demonstration of the push notification, press “Subscribe” and then “Demonstrate an example of a push notification”!

Get your first test campaign with a $200 bill credit*

What are the advantages of using push notifications for promotion?

  • Speed of Delivery

    Push notifications reach their target audience in 1 day.

  • Your ad will definitely be seen!

    Since these notifications are sent directly to the users’ phones, your potential customers will exactly see them.

  • Stand out among competitors!

    Traditional advertising techniques have already become overused and boring. Mobile technologies have come to replace them. The phone became the best friend and the assistant to the person to whom he turns when he needs help or information. Therefore, push-notifications have a higher degree of user loyalty than the other types of advertising.

  • Short launch period

    Push notifications can be launched within 1 hour, which is impossible when making traditional video-ads or print-banners.

  • Repetition is NOT the mother of learning!

    Unlike TV commercials that are repeated several times a day, there is no need to keep resending push notifications. Even once can be enough to reach your target audience.

  • It’s suitable for promotion of any products/services.

    Thanks to the use of a huge, constantly updated user base and promotion through accurate news, push notifications are great for promoting almost any goods/services, informing the user about new products/discounts/promotions.

Get your first test campaign with a $200 bill credit*

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